Why a Professional is Important for Attracting Buyers.

Adjoining rooms vs dark caves

You may have noticed pictures with dark caves where doors exist. It is necessary to light all adjoining rooms.

Vertical walls

Often real estate photos exhibit walls which converge at the top or bottom — especially photos taken with a phone camera. This is because such distortions are magnified in wide angle lenses.

Showing the “flow” of the home

Buyers are attracted to homes which have a logical flow from room to room. A series of isolated pictures can’t show that aspect, but an experienced photographer using the right equipment can.

Light and airy

Some homes appear dark and less inviting than you would wish, but even a basement conversion can be made to look light and airy.

Inside / Outside

Automatic cameras average the light in the scene, and will be fooled by very bright windows, making the room too dark.  A professional photographer will balance the inside and outside light so that the scene appears as the human eye sees it.  They can also show much more of a room without distortion.

Room imperfections

Bad lightbulbs? Ugly electric cords? Have not yet done the touch-up painting? No problem.

Buildings that seem to lean back

This is a common problem which can be avoided using professional lenses & techniques.

Horror Show

These are actual photos a house posted online in December, 2018. I have obscured the agency name.