Michael Simonds Photographic
Images for Business

What I Do

My specialty is imagery for small business: hotels, realtors, small products, headshots, restaurants, retail stores, and all manner of commercial enterprise. Interactive 360 degree panoramas and virtual tours are also available. Whether you need stills, slideshows, or something more complex, you are assured high quality.

I take pride in providing the finest images — that’s Number One. Having the correct files properly sized and formatted is also critical. You will get images exactly tailored to your needs. Files for use on the Internet are very different from those used in print media. I give you both types of files in several sizes, so your images are ready for any situation. In addition, you always have online access to your images.

Your work will not be outsourced to some unknown factory.  It will receive careful, personal attention right here in San Diego, and you can reach me (almost) any time.